Rigid Diversity

The cultural-Marxist diversity ideology and accompanying pernicious political correctness have made dangerously strong gains in Western—especially American—academia as Theodore Dalrymple aptly demonstrates in his weekly Takimag column.

It is not necessary for a government to be thoroughgoingly despotic for us to live in a totalitarian condition in which we are afraid to say some things and—what is even worse—are required to say others. In such a condition, we are obliged to deny what we believe and assent to what we do not believe.

There is no better way to destroy the human personality than this. As a result, people become cynical, time-serving, and increasingly self-absorbed. Their impotence breeds apathy. Once they start to utter things for the sake of their careers or their peace and quiet that they do not believe, they lose all self-respect and probity and thus their standing to resist anything. People without probity are easy to control and manipulate; the purpose of political correctness is not to enunciate truth but to exercise power.

One thought on “Rigid Diversity

  1. William Vaughan

    In Mr Dalrymple’s Takimag article he quotes from a university’s recruitment drivel that ends with the wish to have candidates with intellectual diversity. I assume that means both those with intellect and those without intellect. I suspect, based on the rest of the requirements, they would only get applications from those without intellect.


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