A Badge of Discrimination

The repressive reign of the rainbow is on full display in Britain’s National Health Service and Theodore Dalrymple excoriates the politically-correct, bureaucratic, leftist thought police’s latest obnoxious ukase at Law & Liberty.

But should doctors think that a person’s sexual orientation is relevant to their health care? What is being demanded seems self-contradictory: namely that there should simultaneously be both discrimination and non-discrimination. This impossible demand arises from intellectual carelessness as to when and what categorisation is necessarily relevant. A patient’s occupation, for instance, may be relevant to my diagnosis, but not to my determination of whether or not I should treat him as best I can. The deliberate confusion of these two senses by political entrepreneurs leads to endless conflict and the destruction of trust, to the advantage of the entrepreneurs.


A paranoid, mistrustful, resentful, and indignant population is the delight of political entrepreneurs, their bureaucratic dependants, and those who would be dictators of virtue.

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    1. David Seri Post author

      Hi, Melissa. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Law & Liberty recently revamped its website and this article that was dated March 2 may have been lost in the shuffle. I will reach out to the proprietor regarding this missing Dalrymple article, which is definitely worth reading. Cheers.


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