Britain’s George Floyd Protesters Exude the Stench of Humbug

Over at The Critic, our skeptical doctor calls a spade a spade when it comes to the phony, self-righteous anger of demonstrators in London protesting a police killing in Middlesbrough—I mean, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

By this token, the demonstrator’s silence on the Chinese occupation of Tibet, or on the war in the eastern Congo, was complicity with horrors far greater in extent than the death of George Floyd. But silence is not even approval, let alone complicity, and to imply that everyone must express equal outrage about what one is outraged about oneself is self-righteousness carried to the level of megalomania. 

3 thoughts on “Britain’s George Floyd Protesters Exude the Stench of Humbug

  1. Mariana Bell

    It’s alleged that George Lloyd was a drug dealer…if this is true, by killing him more black lives would be saved…

  2. William Vaughan

    I checked the statistics also and came up with similar results to Dr Daniels. There are about 330,000 police officers in the US and in 2016, 39 were shot dead. According to the Guardian 1039 people were killed by the police in the same year. Based on a population of about 330,000,000 that is 3.3 people per million killed by the police, whereas the chance of a member of the police force being shot is 127 per million. This is almost 40 times the risk to the general population and about 20 time the risk for African Americans. This does not include other forms of killing of the police officers.

    Has there been one protest or riot about the killing of a police man or woman?

    I am appalled at the world press and tv news that has not mentioned the extremely high risks that the US police take just doing their job. Two days ago I witnessed a summary by CNN of the well know cases deaths of about 6 African Americans over the past few years that all resulted in protests, but not one mention of the 100 odd police members shot over the same period of time. In my eyes CNN was inciting the riots with this highly prejudiced reporting. Isn’t it time that the media reported not just the truth, but the whole truth.

    1. Black dalrymple reader

      Could you repeat your statistics with the appropriate baseline numbers, not population but contacts with each other.

      How many people does a policeman contact over a year. How many of those contacts are lethal to the cop.

      How many times a year do u armed black men have contact with the police in a year, and for any given black individual, what are the chances that the contact will end in harassment or even a death, especially compared with a white person’s police contact.

      Let me know how that stacks up.


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