Dishonor Johnson Not for His Horrible Politics, But for His Propagation of Ugliness

A new discovery today of another website that hosts the good doctor’s columns, and this time it is The Epoch Times. There are over 20 articles with most of these having been published this fall. I now know what I’m doing this weekend during the CCP scamdemic lockdown in beautiful Budapest.

The latest Dalrymple piece at The Epoch Times is about the disgraceful, National Socialist sympathizing, modernist American architect, Philip Johnson. Please note that you will need to sign up using your email address to be able to view articles on the website.

The kind of man who would adore the Nuremberg Rallies, as did Johnson, with their enormous scale, choreographed crushing of individuality and prevention of all spontaneity, all in name of some mad idea of purity, was not the kind of man to promote or create a humane architecture, one suited to the human scale in which mere individuals could feel comfortable or at home.

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