Charity without Cost

Over at Law & Liberty, Theodore Dalrymple reports on the recent Parisian phenomenon of illegal migrant encampments popping up in the city while he also provides a clever and fair new policy to resolve the entire immigration issue once and for all.

Perhaps even more provocative is the attitude of moral superiority among those who pride themselves on defending the “rights” of the migrants. To see advocates dressed in their court robes, as well as young bourgeois anarchists, present at what, after all, was an illegal occupation of a major Parisian square was to fan the notion, already widespread and not entirely without foundation, that there is a ruling class and intelligentsia in France that is indifferent, or even hostile, to the concerns and feelings of the rest of the population, upon whom it looks down as being ignorant, bigoted, and mean-spirited.

One thought on “Charity without Cost

  1. William Vaughan

    I am very afraid that the whole of western Christian based democracy that has done so much for the world- longer life expectancy, greatly reduced infant mortality, reduction in debilitating diseases, opportunity for enjoying the longer life, etc – is doomed. Moreover, Its destruction is being wrought by those who have benefited the most. These destructive forces appear to be applied in proportion to how much people have benefited. In the extreme, those with unconscionable power and money may amount to a mere handful.
    God help us all, or almost all of us.


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