Cavani’s Crime: ‘Objective Racism’

More politically-correct posturing and nonsensical multiculturalism in the sporting world as our dubious doctor notes in today’s Law & Liberty essay.

It is not necessary for anyone actually to have been offended for an utterance to be considered offensive; on the other hand, if someone has taken offence at it, this too proves that it was offensive. That the person who took offence was a paranoiac whose  outrage was completely unreasonable, or expressed in the hope of compensation or some other advantage, is no defence, for one of the criteria of offensiveness is simply that someone says that he has taken offence, the other criterion being somewhat more Platonic, namely that someone mighttake offence. 

One thought on “Cavani’s Crime: ‘Objective Racism’

  1. John Zac

    In this mode of virtue (false) signaling the wrong trait gets rewarded. So in following a racist that is smart enough to cloak his racism in fake compliments or to alarm people with this type this type of nonsense will gain the reward. Very interesting.


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