Birdwatchers Must Be Made to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Theodore Dalrymple gets satirical with the topic of birdwatching in his The Epoch Times column.

It takes some determination to see in birdwatching not an innocent and harmless pastime (though I gather that birdwatchers can be highly competitive), but a manifestation of social injustice, that injustice being one of the reasons that there are, comparatively, so few black birdwatchers.

One thought on “Birdwatchers Must Be Made to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Iwona Hunter

    Might the black bird (Turdus Merula) watching be an invitation to more inclusive birdwatching. Black birds are good for the beginners. They are not timid, like to tease humans and they sing lovely, especially in the darkness of night.


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