The French Abstention

In his City Journal column, Theodore Dalrymple summarizes the results of recent French regional elections, and emphasizes the utter apathy of most voters in the twilight days of our feeble, morally bankrupt, and degenerate democratic regime.

If abstention were a political party, it would have secured a crushing victory in the recent French regional elections. Sixty-six percent of the electorate declined to vote in the first round, and 65.7 percent in the second.

One thought on “The French Abstention

  1. Jim

    Well, we’d all better recover from our apathy. The freedoms bought with the blood of a million young soldiers are circling the drain as despots and their well-meaning Useful Idiots below them take advantage of our slumber to bring us the next Red Revolution. As an old man, I was hoping to go out peacefully and well-rested during a final good night’s sleep, but now it looks like that may not happen.


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