How the UK Succeeded with Vaccines

Dr. Dalrymple touts the success of the British Covid-19 vaccination program over at Law & Liberty. I am eagerly awaiting the deluge of reader responses to this essay, especially from our British readers.

The one undoubted human triumph of the pandemic so far is the development of vaccines in record time. The three main vaccines seem to be both safe and effective—unless, as believed by some, there is a giant conspiracy to deceive the people of the world.

5 thoughts on “How the UK Succeeded with Vaccines

  1. Trevor

    Did the good Doctor ever exhort us to put deaths attributed to Covid in proper perspective, or is this just to be done in regard to vaccine-induced injuries and deaths? His complete avoidance of any commentary on the enormously interesting (and even more enormously disturbing) psychological manipulation and the population’s response to it has been curious; his blithe dismissal of the injuries caused by the hastily-introduced vaccines is unforgivable. He is, sadly, another formerly much admired commentator who has been found wanting.

    1. Verity

      Well said, Trevor. This highly dubious “pandemic” was an absolute gift to a writer like Daniels: he could have done a great public service exposing the lies that the government, the medical establishment and the mainstream media have been bombarding us with continually since last March. But instead he pretty much just went along with the crowd, more or less endorsing the official narrative, and is now touting this horror-show as a success.

      The “skeptical doctor” has shown himself to be anything but.

      Wolfgang Wodarg could teach him a lesson or two.

  2. Andrew_S

    I’m a British conservative and I’m very proud of our success with the Covid-19 vaccine. I don’t share the vaccine scepticism of conservatives (and indeed non-conservatives) in other countries. It’s been a great success and I hope the lockdown will be over very soon when we reach herd immunity. Having said that, I think that almost every other decision the British government has made during the pandemic has been the wrong one. They should have closed the borders immediately, and they shouldn’t have locked down the entire domestic population. Also I don’t want to wear a facemask for one day longer than absolutely necessary.

  3. Phil

    I’ve read Dalrymple / Daniels for over two decades. In fact, I once interviewed him for a lengthy article back when he lived in Birmingham. He later thanked me for not having “traduced” him, apparently a journalistic first in his experience. And I still admire him overall. But like previous commenters, I have been disturbed by his near total silence on the pandemic (at least where I read him), by his bland lack of curiosity, and perhaps most of all by his failure to provide readers who would naturally look to him for reliable guidance based on serious intellectual and medical enquiry. He was already living very well when I met him two decades ago. I imagine he’s living even better now, and probably found himself preferring the quiet of Paris under lockdown to its usual raucous self without giving much if any thought to the disastrous effect all this will have on the young and hard-up, not to mention its deeply dispiriting effect on intelligent people who may not know much about medicine, but know when they are being lied to non-stop. As a result, many no longer trust their own doctors, let alone anyone in government or media. And that now includes the ‘good’ Dr. Dalrymple, who in this context at least has exuded the self-absorbed contentment of the sort of EU fat cat he supposedly abhors. In short, he has ‘traduced’ us.


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