Punishment in Search of a Crime

The dissenting doctor had the good fortune to review an excellent book for The European Conservative on the nefarious, cultural-marxist ideology of anti-racism.

As Professor Taguieff establishes beyond reasonable doubt, antiracism in the Western world has become simultaneously a religion, a totalitarian political movement, and a career opportunity for a class of intellectuals and bureaucrats of very modest attainments except for a sharp eye to the main chance.

The pursuit of so-called diversity, inclusion, and equity has become the pretext for a regime of fear and intimidation directed and manned by a small army of well-paid mediocrities. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party must be laughing at this further manifestation of Western dissolution and decadence.

2 thoughts on “Punishment in Search of a Crime

  1. Ralph Lloyd

    Like most Americans I am fervently monolingual. Is there any reason to suspect that the book by Taguieff reported on here will be translated into English anytime soon?

    Absent that, the good doctor asks a lot of us to simply accept his impressions of its content.

    1. David Seri Post author

      Here at The Skeptical Doctor we tend to not only accept—but dare I say—openly endorse the Dalrymple worldview. Is the good doctor really asking so much of you, Ralph? Firstly, I don’t think he is asking anything of you specifically. It is entirely your choice to read his articles and take whatever impression you choose. His articles tend to contain a fair amount of his opinions, which seems perfectly natural since they are his writing. Secondly, for English-language books TD reviews, do you order each book to validate his impressions of the content, or do you just simply accept his impressions and enjoy the fine writing style like the rest of us?


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