The Sovietization of Mentalities

Over at The Epoch Times, our dubious doctor shares his concern for the latest bureaucratic diktat of the American Medical Association.

But the dangers of a society in which the commissars of the American Medical Association, or any other such body, forbid and punish what they think is heresy are far greater than one in which the Raoults of this world blaze across the historical firmament for a moment. Freedom is desirable in itself; it’s also the necessary condition of that self-correcting activity that we know as science.

One thought on “The Sovietization of Mentalities

  1. Elizabeth

    Glad to see points I have been making since this Covid insanity has started. I did three years in a medical defense firm. If we follow the logic of only one ‘medical science/opinion” then there is no right to bring a medical malpractice case. In fact, medical malpractice doesn’t exist – nor presumably a bad outcome. Both are swept up into the official paradigm. But such cases do continue to exist, just not in the treatment of Covid. Again cognitive dissonance continues. I have also pointed to Semmelweis to those who argue the ‘science’ is settled along with Dr. Moniz who received the Nobel Peace Price for medicine for the perfection of the lobotomy. I appreciate that at the time no other medical intervention existed to help those severely afflicted with mental illness and we have to give context. But no one today can argue that science hasn’t evolved dramatically since that time and the procedure was barbaric.


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