‘Positive’ Discrimination’s Little Mentioned Obverse

Over at Quadrant, Dr. Dalrymple tears apart arguments in favor of ‘positive’ racial discrimination in response to yet another woke, leftist article that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Medical journals these days have become megaphones for the wokest of opinions. Contrary ideas are expressed about as often as paeans of praise to capitalism were published in Pravda. It is this that gives the medical reader the impression that he is living in neo-totalitarian times.

One thought on “‘Positive’ Discrimination’s Little Mentioned Obverse

  1. Ed

    I think this is a very misleading opening paragraph from Dalrymple. Some medical journals do have articles like this, but they are very clearly separated from the proper scientific research reports. The scientific research reports are scientific, and not woke or leftist at all.

    In the case of JAMA you can see the sections here:
    The article Dalrymple talks about is in the “Viewpoint” section (as it should be). The “Original Investigation” section has the main scientific articles and it is easy to see that they are not political.

    Dalrymple may well be right that the opinion pieces tend to be leftist, of course.


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