Catching a Cloud

The December edition of New English Review features a lengthy Dalrymple discourse on the importance of reading novels in the context of his review of a new Joseph Epstein book.

The novel will cure us of our shallowness and make us aware of the tragic dimension of life, the lack of awareness making tragedy all the more unbearable when it strikes—as it does and always will.

3 thoughts on “Catching a Cloud

  1. Arman V

    What a superb article! I couldn’t stop reading and found it insightful in many ways. Dr. Daniels never ceases to amaze me. In fact, I think the more I catch up with some of his publications—which aren’t books (since I’ve read all of them, the obligation of a fanatic, one might say)—the stronger my admiration grows. When Dr. Daniels mentioned that he is a great admirer of Joseph Epstein, I immediately ordered four books of his on Amazon and found an interview by him with Uncommon Knowledge host Peter Robinson (who might be one of the best interviewers currently alive?), which I cannot wait to watch! After finishing reading, I found myself again in a state of pure bliss and gratefulness to have come across Dr. Daniels through a publication or mention of Thomas Sowell four years ago. I’m a retired YouTube producer in Germany in my mid-twenties (retired not because I became a millionaire but because I achieved all major milestones that were important to me much earlier than expected) and thought of a comeback and to start with translating Dr. Daniels’ essays into videos in the German language (following the example of Thomas Sowell TV on YouTube). Thank you, David and the team, for the continuous updates on this platform! Without them, I might have overlooked many excellent articles by Dr. Daniels

    1. Andrew S

      Hello Arman, I would advise you to read all of Theodore Dalrymple / Anthony Daniels’ books. My favourites are his travel books from the 1980s and 1990s. Andrew

      1. Arman V

        Hi Andrew,
        sorry, I meant that I have already read all of his books but not other publication like this frequently released new article or essays! Now, since this website provides updates about new releases my admiration of Dr. Daniels grew even more!


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