Propaganda & Uglification

In the January issue of New Criterion, the dubious doctor takes aim at his two long-time bête noires: tattoos and modernist architecture.

Sometimes I think (or is it feel?) that we are living in a propaganda state, not like that of North Korea, of course, in which the source of a univocal doctrine is clear and unmistakable, but one in which we are constantly under bombardment by an opinion-forming class that wants to make us believe, or be enthusiastic about, something to which we were previously indifferent or even hostile. There is no identifiable single source of the propaganda, and yet there seems also to be coordination: for how else to explain its sudden ubiquity?

One thought on “Propaganda & Uglification

  1. Iwona

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on subject of the tattoos, Dr. Daniels. Like obscure hair colours, they were forbidden in NHS or had to be covered, some fifteen years ago. These days untattooed workforce seems be in a minority and self harming prevails.


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