Keeping Up With Japan

In his weekly Takimag column, our worldly doctor opens up The Japan Times and is confronted with disturbing news stories that conflict with his clichés of Japan.

At any rate, the article hints at (though does not prove the existence of) a society in which radical social isolation and loneliness are common and, as other statistics quoted suggest, are becoming more common. No wonder the Japanese have so few children.

One thought on “Keeping Up With Japan

  1. Ed

    Dalrymple makes many sensible observations and there is a good amount of truth in his stereotyped (and mostly very positive) views of Japan. Not quite everyone has a refined aesthetic sense, but poetry competitions are popular and calligraphy and the tea ceremony are popular hobbies (obviously more among older women than younger men). Men in uniforms pushing commuters into packed trains does still happen and you can find videos on Youtube.


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