New information on forthcoming books

We wanted to make sure that everyone saw the comment left by Dan Collins of Monday Books regarding their plans for new Dalrymple releases over the next year or so.

We’re about to publish (in the UK) four (and possibly more) Theodore Dalrymple books.

The first, ‘Not With A Bang But A Whimper’, will be available in May (it contains some of the essays in the US edition of NWAB, some from ‘Our Culture, What’s Left Of It’, some from ‘Life At The Bottom’ and some new material.

Later in the year we will publish ‘Second Opinion’, a collection of some Spectator pieces written under that title and under ‘If Symptoms Persist’.

Next year we will publish ‘Anything Goes’ – a further collection of new material and other material previously published overseas.

Finally, we will publish two brief satires in one volume (one of these is his serial killer work, ‘So Little Done’, and the other a novella about the British health system.


Dan Collins

It will be interesting to see how they combine the essays from the three City Journal compilations into one book geared to the British market, and it’s great that some of that material is finally getting published in book form in the country that is its chief subject. Dalrymple is always shouting into the wind, culturally speaking, and I hope this book breaks through.

I am probably most excited about Second Opinion, as I believe his brief Spectator columns are some of his most clever and funniest work. The more I read the two If Symptoms Persist books, the more I appreciate their concise brilliance, and as those books are out-of-print, I look forward to that type of material receiving another chance.

And it goes without saying that I anxiously await the new material.

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