Dalrymple out at The Spectator

As you may have noticed, Dalrymple is no longer writing regularly for The Spectator. His Global Warning column has been replaced by Standing Room, a column written by Sarah Standing, whose subject matter is far less profound than that of her predecessor and, so far as I have determined, is not just well-disguised satire. (See for yourself here. Try the March 11 opus.) Apparently, Editor-in-Chief Matthew D’Ancona’s project to modernize the magazine involves replacing rare and timeless wisdom with utter trivia. Just what the world needs most at times like these. Were I channeling Dalrymple, I might say that the replacement is typical of the cultural degeneration of Britain.

Dalrymple (Anthony M. Daniels) began his writing career at The Spectator 26 years ago by sending unsolicited articles to the magazine from the Gilbert Islands in the South Pacific, where he was managing a psychiatric clinic.

7 thoughts on “Dalrymple out at The Spectator

  1. Christine

    I cancelled my print subscription to the Spectator years ago when Mark Steyn and Digby Anderson stopped writing for them, but I still went to their website for TD’s articles and Paul Johnson’s column, and now they’re both gone!

    What a shame. These were the four writers whose articles I enjoyed reading the most. Thanks again for YOUR website.

  2. Steve

    Certainly, Christine. Thank you for your comments. Do you know the terms under which those other writers left? I wonder if it was just natural attrition or if they left voluntarily or were asked to leave, etc. Someone should create a website called “The Spectator in Exile” and compile the latest articles from all the great writers that have left that magazine.

  3. TDK

    Regarding Steyn leaving the Telegraph.

    Tim Worstall comments here contain a lot of information.

    There is a quote from Mark here

    MARK REPLIES: As I said last week, the Telegraph Group owes us money which it’s being remarkably uncooperative in ponying up. But one day I’ll be back in print in the United Kingdom again. After I left The National Post, the general view among rival papers was that they didn’t need a right-wing madman like me in Canada. But a year or two went by and they all came creeping back with their woefully inadequate offers. I wouldn’t be surprised to get the odd tinkle from Fleet Street before too long.

  4. Christine

    What TDK said. And Mark Steyn’s film columns in that magazine were really funny.

    The last article of Digby Anderson from the Spectator is from 2006, the year Matthew D’Ancona took over as editor after Boris Johnson left, and his last article for the Social Affairs Unit website is from 2006 too. So maybe he voluntarily retired from journalism, but I still miss his articles anyway.

    As for Paul Johnson, it’s strange that there’s no explanation on the Spectator’s website why there hasn’t been a new installment of “And Another Thing” since the last column of March 25, 2009. I hope it’s only temporary.

  5. Larry Culley

    I just wrote an email to D’Ancona the Fool excoriating him for pushing out the great Paul Johnson and informing him that I would not renew my subscription. I am dismayed now to realize that I had heretofore not noticed the disappearance, too, of the remarkable Theodore Dalrymple. Considering the absence also of Mark Steyn and Digby Anderson I think Steve is right and that someone should start a “Spectator’s In Exile” journal. I wish I could do so, but I cannot. However, if anyone else can get this project going I will be happy to contribute my $200+ per year to the effort. My email is at theprofessionalvoice@si.rr.com.


    Larry Culley

  6. Jeff Khan

    It is utterly incomprehensibe that the great Paul Johnson, a supreme polymath and writer of exquisite, recherche essays , was sacked by that odious twerp d’Ancona, no matter what “direction” he wants to take the Spectator, which is now a bland, dumbed-down muddle, hurtling towards News of the World territory. Sickening. I adored Digby Anderson, Jeffrey Bernard, and Dalrymple. Something HAS to be done to remedy this contaigion. Is Taki next?


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