3 thoughts on “The Cap Doesn’t Fit

  1. Jason Bontrager

    Baseball caps are utilitarian at best. The fact that they’re worn as “fashion” nowadays says much about the degeneration in public taste.

    I agree with Daniels that they lend no dignity or air of intellect to their wearers, especially when worn outside a relevant setting (such as a lake or baseball stadium) by idiots who can’t even wear them *properly*.

    Ah well. De gustibus non est disputandem.

  2. Steve

    Jason, in spite of the flippant wording of my post, I do agree. It seems our attire nowadays is either uncouth or obsessively concerned with the latest trends (which are not mutually exclusive, of course). There’s not much interest in timeless style any more.


    I think someone can look intelligent in them. But he is right, no one can look dignified in them. “Dignified” is the sort of word you’ed never find in modern media. I think TD was kept in a timewarp when he came back from his travels in Africa, although that not a bad thing.


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