Kennewick Man Redux?

Dalrymple has a new article for Pajamas Media regarding a recent suit by the Havasupai Indian tribe against Arizona State University for “alleged misuse of blood samples taken from members of the tribe”:

Was not the claim of harm by the plaintiffs in this respect grossly dishonest? The idea that Amerindians have an Asian origin is an old one by now, with much evidence in its favor. So if the tribe’s origin myth were susceptible to destruction by evidence and rational argument, it would have been so destroyed a long time ago. If, on the other hand, myth and science belong to two different realms of thought, then the myth could not have been affected by the study of population genetics, whatever its outcome. Palaeontology, archaeology, and anthropology can refute only the literalist interpretation of the story of the Fall.

Read the whole thing here

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