Our Binge Drinking Culture is a Living Hell for Everyone

Dalrymple in the Daily Express:

THERE are few accusations more damning in today’s climate of opinion than that of being a killjoy.

To be a killjoy is to be narrow-minded, bigoted, puritanical and authoritarian. No one then wants or dares to prevent what others find enjoyable.

However it remains true that the joy of some should not be the misery of others and there is little doubt that public drunkenness in Britain now reduces the quality of life of millions of its citizens…

2 thoughts on “Our Binge Drinking Culture is a Living Hell for Everyone

  1. M. Jordan Lichens

    I used to think people who described binge drinking in some English cities and by English tourists were just exaggerating and I honestly could not envision it being worst than the university town I grew up in. Then I lived in Rome and then Dublin where I noticed the natives could not stand the English tourists due to their rather obnoxious behavior while drinking. We American are hard drinkers, I’ll grant, but when the Irish (the Irish!) are disgusted by your drinking then perhaps its time to look in the mirror.


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