Dalrymple at the Gladstone Club

Apparently Dalrymple spoke to the Gladstone Club, at the National Liberal Club, in London a week ago. Author and Liberal Democrat politician Jonathan Fryer had kind words for him and his presentation on his blog (the first link above). It’s good to see our man receiving praise from people one wouldn’t generally expect to offer it, and it’s always nice to see this kind of comity between the various sides of the public debate.

There seems to have been no recording of the event.

UPDATE: Peter Fennell, the Secretary of the Gladstone Club, has helpfully provided a summary of Dalrymple’s remarks. His speech compares the state of civilization in Britain and France and concludes that France is doing better. You may view it here.

One interesting quote:

Daniels offers no statistics on ugliness but muses that its prevalence here is less innate than cultivated. Young men go to considerable lengths to achieve a look of brutality with shaven heads, piercings and tattoos. To which might be added the fashion for sub-hipster, drop crotch jeans which literally is ‘prison chic’ from the American gaols where dangerous criminals are denied belts. Some adopt the look perhaps because they are dangerous criminals. Some who are not say they do so to deter attack by those who are.

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