The New Paganism of Biodiversity

At Pajamas Media Dalrymple makes the case against biodiversity as a good in itself:

Just as I suspect that multiculturalists have a lot of different restaurants and cuisines in mind when they praise multiculturalism, so I suspect that most of those who espouse biodiversity as a good in itself are thinking mainly of attractive or at least of harmless creatures, rather than, say, Ascaris lumbricoides, the giant (and repellent) roundworm that infects children and can cause intestinal obstruction, or Dracunculus medinensis, the Guinea-worm that, once it emerges from the skin of the foot, must be wrapped round a stick and pulled out slowly  and painfully over weeks or months. It is not difficult, in fact, to think of many species that would not much be missed.

2 thoughts on “The New Paganism of Biodiversity

  1. Terry Wall

    .. to name a few. Still it took us a couple of thousand years to get a lot of things sorted, and there is a lot to undo at the moment, mostly of our own creation.

  2. John

    I wonder who the real pagans are?
    I would suggest that the recent Avatar film was a necessary Truth Telling parable for our times.

    Having already “created” a dying world (just like we have), the obviously godless techno-barbarian invaders were compelled by the inexorable logic and momentum of their “culture” of death to invade conquer and even destroy virgin territories (just like we always have)

    What was interesting about the film was the response (to it) by those on the right side of the culture wars, ESPECIALLY by those presume to be religious.

    They all came out loudly cheering for the “culture” of death!


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