The False Liberty of the Pop-Cartesians

At the Library of Law and Liberty Dalrymple expounds on the need to guard the boundaries.

Modern man seems unwilling to accept any inherited limits or boundaries, which is to say any that he has not set for himself or that cannot be justified by a valid argument starting from an indubitable Cartesian point that he acknowledges as such. I suspect that this unwillingness is the consequence of the mass rise in self-importance, but that is by the by. Since we live in a social and even physical world composed more of continua rather than of categories, it is not surprising that limits and boundaries tend to dissolve under this intellectual regime: not any given limit or boundary, be it noted, but limits and boundaries as such.

2 thoughts on “The False Liberty of the Pop-Cartesians

  1. Jaxon

    Collapsing boundaries… public, private etc
    It reminds me I was in a book shop and saw a book, Unmastered

    I opened it randomly and she was making public what should remain private and said something like “let’s not be coy” hypocritical? “…that’s what it is”. Were it not that her name was Angel I’d think think she were the devil himself.

    And here at 9:55 Elizabeth Head says of Slutwalk “We don’t care how people dress, I’m wearing a wedding dress for god’s sake”

    another of God’s angels then


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