Is Drug Addiction Really Like ‘Any Other Chronic Illness’?

Clearly not, as Dalrymple has written many times:

If it were, Mao Tse-Tung’s policy of threatening to shoot addicts who did not give up would not have worked; but it did. Nor would thousands of American servicemen returning from Vietnam where they had addicted themselves to heroin simply have stopped when they returned home; but they did. Nor can one easily imagine an organization called Arthritics Anonymous whose members attend weekly meetings, and stand up and say “My name is Bill, and I’m an arthritic.”

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2 thoughts on “Is Drug Addiction Really Like ‘Any Other Chronic Illness’?

  1. Kevin


    Just to let you know, Dr. Dalrymple has a new article at I know he doesn’t publish there very often.


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