The left’s obsession with legalising a killer drug

At his Hilarious Pessimist blog, Dalrymple writes of a difference in the way a crime was reported by the Guardian versus the Daily Mail:

Simelane had a long history (long, that is for his age) of disordered, aggressive and even violent behaviour. As far as it is possible to tell from the reports in the newspapers, his mental state fluctuated considerably. The Daily Mail report mentioned that he had been smoking cannabis before he killed his victim, which would explain that fluctuation; the Guardian did not mention this.

Why is this important? Read the post to find out.

2 thoughts on “The left’s obsession with legalising a killer drug

  1. TDK

    Hi. There a TD article in the Times on 21 Oct which you have not referenced. I’m not a subscriber so I can’t give you the link.

    It covers a book written by Vicky Pryce, the ex-wife of Chris Huhne. Both have recently been imprisoned for perjury concerning a speeding offence. She has has up with the predicable answers to Prison problems.


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