Who’s Who?

A night at a small town English theater reminds Dalrymple of the changing times:

…although only 40 years old it spoke of a way of life as different from ours as that of any Trobriand Islander. For it assumed that marriages were permanent, mothers-in-law were dragons, and extra-marital affairs in hotels were unusual, dangerous and difficult to conduct.

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    1. Steve Post author

      I was able to highlight the text and drag down to reveal the last paragraph. Here it is:

      I need hardly say that this is a mental world away from what we have now. Was it better then than now? I do not know, there is no single yardstick by which better and worse may be measured. But the necessity for furtiveness and disguise lent a certain depth to character and savour to life. Coming out of the theatre the temperature was freezing, but the streets were full of scantily-clad standard British sluts screaming drunkenly, watched over by eight-feet wide bouncers in pub doorways.


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