None Dare Call it Prostitution

Writing at Taki’s Magazine, Dalrymple highlights two of the newer politically-correct terms: sex worker and sex work. He has written before that such terms are designed by the Left to force people “to assent to obvious lies” and to soften them up for control by our supposed betters. His point here is different and no less convincing:

The new locutions, obligatory in the polite company of the politically correct, are not only prudish but are instances of magical thinking. Those who insist upon their use think that by changing the word they will change the thing. For them, the problem with prostitution is not the phenomenon in itself and all that hitherto has inevitably surrounded it, but the stigma that attaches to it. And this, they think, can be eliminated, or at least reduced, by a change in nomenclature. For them a rose would not smell as sweet by any other name…

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