What We Can Learn from Today’s Medical Experiment Failures

In the latest installment of his Pajamas Media column, Dalrymple disagrees with the criticism medical researchers have received for publishing only their successes:

On reading the New England Journal of Medicine and other medical journals, I sometimes wonder whether the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, in accentuating the negative. To read of so many bright ideas that did not work could act as a discouragement to others and even lead to that permanent temptation of ageing doctors, therapeutic nihilism. But the truth is the truth, and we must follow it wherever it leads.

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  1. Conservative _Libertarian

    To Whom It May Concern:

    There’s a couple of lectures/speeches from Theodore Dalrymple that this website has missed. Both were given at the Property and Freedom Society. (I especially like the one on Freud.)

    “Freud: Apostle of Freedom or Apostle of Enslavement?”:
    (That’s from the most recent conference, 2014.)

    “Public Health or Public Totalitarianism?”:
    (2013 conference.)


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