Articles of Faith

A recent study in The British Journal of Psychiatry attempted to correlate depression, religion and terrorism, but Dalrymple found therein only boredom, redundancy and a certain terseness toward seemingly obvious conclusions, driven by – you guessed it – political correctness:

…do we really need an immense amount of research and statistical apparatus to tells us that “religion…may determine targets of violence following radicalization”? Would we have believed them if they had found to the contrary that “religion…cannot determine targets of violence following radicalization”? By the way, which religion are we talking about?

The whole subject is dealt with in so opaque a fashion that it is difficult not to believe that the authors feared retribution—from the politically correct if not from terrorists themselves. They are like those puppies that, being curious, approach a danger, but then retreat, approach again, and retreat again.

One thought on “Articles of Faith

  1. Douglas Johnson

    Do we really need? Well, yes, they need that stuff if the people funding it aim to control how you live your life. Mind you, the Muslims have nothing to worry about. They are never the target of such research in the UK. It’s the Christians that will have new laws imposed on them, rationalized with the words “studies show.”


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