Adding Injury to Insult

On President Trump’s epithet toward the source countries of immigrants to America:

These days, by contrast, insults tend to be crude and vulgar. When Mr. Trump reputedly called certain countries by an epithet that I shall not repeat, he was only employing the type of language that, to my regret, is now in very common use even among intellectuals. We seem either to go in for the false delicacy of political correctness, speaking as if some words were as injurious law-hammers brought down on the skull, or employ the language of stevedores (if any such still exist) or of building workers to express our political ideas. One might have hoped for a happy medium, the possibility of frankness without crudity.

2 thoughts on “Adding Injury to Insult

  1. Kieron

    Wow, has anyone read the comments on this piece at Taki?
    Why Dalrymple continues to grace that terrible site with his work is beyond me

  2. Titus Androgynous

    Yeah, they’re always like that, unfortunately. A truly awful site. I stop reading at the end of each article and click away with all haste.


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