Britain’s Big Dig

A costly and unnecessary high-speed rail project is emblematic of the country’s cultural decline according to the good doctor over at City Journal.

The HS2 project, first announced in 2009, has taken 11 years just to receive the final go-ahead. It will cost many times more to build than it would anywhere else in the world. The decision to proceed is probably the wrong one. The whole episode is emblematic of the sclerosis, corruption, and incompetence of successive British governments—all symptomatic of a steep cultural decline. Let us hope that Boris Johnson is not on track for more such decisions.

One thought on “Britain’s Big Dig

  1. michael boon

    Sure it will be carried out in an incompetent fashion but why in principle is it wrong?
    As Dr D points out both Spain and France have a high speed network which knits the respective countries together and is rightly a scource of national pride
    The UK is sadly lacking in the latter at present and could do with some new infrastructure achievement


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