Monsieur Hulot’s Principles

We have just been informed by our reader Michael P. that Theodore Dalrymple is now writing for a new British magazine called The Critic. Thank you to Michael for letting us know about this new outlet for the good doctor’s writing. So far, 14 Dalrymple essays have been published there and I will be posting the latest ones in the coming weeks.

The latest Dalrymple gem in The Critic excoriates the pointless and banal sentimental liberal slogans published by M. Macron’s former Minister for the Ecological and Solidary Transition (and no, this title is not a joke), Nicolas Hulot, in Le Monde.

It has long been my opinion that inside every sentimentalist there is a despot trying to get out. Insofar as M. Hulot’s Hundred Principles have any value at all, it is that they illustrate to perfection, in a comparatively concise manner, the proximity of sentimentality to the potential, at least, of great brutality: for it would probably require a civil war for some of his principles were to be put into practice, the time having come for us to undo our personal and mental conditioning and to synchronise science and conscience.

One thought on “Monsieur Hulot’s Principles

  1. William Vaughan

    It sounds like M. Hulot has taken his cues from Peter Sellers “party political broadcast”. Perhaps M. Hulot should take a long holiday.


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