A Positive Thought

The good doctor attempts to maintain his typical cheerful positivity during the Wuhan pandemic over at The Critic.

In these dark times we must find reasons to be cheerful. An antipodean friend of mine, a psychiatrist, has found one: adolescent suicide attempts, or gestures, have practically disappeared from the face of the hospital. The real threat of death, as adolescents must suppose it to be, has caused them to realise that, after all, they don’t really want to die. Or perhaps they fear the somewhat dusty reception they are likely to get in hospitals if they turn up with self-inflicted overdoses or injuries.

One thought on “A Positive Thought

  1. Jean Anderson

    Or maybe it’s because the schools are closed. I’m not sure about the stats for here in New Zealand but certainly in the USA teen suicides drop off in the school holidays. Either way, it’s a good thing.


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