Rationality and Immunization

Our favorite doctor lays out his rational case for mass vaccination against the COVID-19 virus in his The Epoch Times column.

The fear of immunization against Covid-19 seems to me exaggerated and irrational. The fact that none of us can be fully rational does not obviate the need for us to try to be as rational as possible.

3 thoughts on “Rationality and Immunization

  1. Jeremiah Alphonsus

    Very disappointing. Every aspect of the Covidiocracy—not only its antisocial distancing and dehumanizing masks, but also its diabolical vaccines—must be entirely rejected.

  2. Trevor

    I’ve not been able to read the article as I can never get past the pleas to subscribe to Epoch Times, but it seems my worst fears have been confirmed. I’ve not seen an adequate explanation as to why this particular situation warrants mass vaccination of the population, or why it is so urgent that normal safeguards can be blithely ignored. Dalrymple is, sadly, another disappointment on Covid – along with Douglas Murray and Melanie Phillips (who has lost her mind). I can’t understand why he doesn’t seem to have had much to say about the extraordinary response of the general public and the descent into mass hysteria, arguably mass psychosis.


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