Children at Checkout

In last week’s Takimag, the disappointed doctor delves into the eating habits of the average Brit and comes away disillusioned with mankind in general.

My impression is that people have become more difficult of late years, more complex in an uninteresting way, possibly because of the habit, not of reflecting on themselves, but of thinking and talking about themselves. Possibly my difficulty is part of the aging process, which in this case is mine; but never, so it seems, have so many people been so incompetent in the art of living, notwithstanding all the advantages they have enjoyed in their lives.

One thought on “Children at Checkout

  1. Iwona

    Thank you for your observations on British eating habits. Sadly, not that common sight of a trolley/basket with colourful content, that looks like food, is usually purchased by the foreigners.
    Few years ago I grew some runner beans in the flower pots, in a courtyard of a hospital Emergency Department, where I worked as a nurse. They were destroyed when they were ready for harvest. They must have presented health and safety hazard of some description.


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