A Forgotten Writer of Père Lachaise

In the March edition of New Criterion, our bookish doctor writes at length about the life of Enrique Gómez Carrillo (1873–1927), whose grave he discovered on one of his walks through the most famous cemetery of Paris.

One of the strange, almost bizarre, things about his career is the persistent rumor that he was Mata Hari’s last lover and that it was he who betrayed her to the French as a spy, thereby becoming partly responsible for her death by firing squad.

One thought on “A Forgotten Writer of Père Lachaise

  1. Arman V

    That was an entertaining and educating read. Really enjoyable, can’t wait to hold Mr.Daniels upcoming book in my hands, just pre-ordered it (Buried But Not Quite Dead: Forgotten Writers of Père Lachaise) !


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