Yemen Beware! Gordon Brown has plans to save you

For decades now our skeptical doctor has detailed the absurdities of foreign aid programs, beginning with a first-hand account (in his second book) of the World Health Organization’s incompetent forays into the Gilbert Islands. Today he addresses Gordon Brown’s brave and generous offer to save Yemen. A withering putdown of foreign aid…

there isn’t a single Third World country that foreign aid has rescued from poverty

…and a clever characterization of Brown…

an insensate urge to do good combined with a lack of imagination or wide experience of life and a complacency about his own abilities, his disastrous record notwithstanding.

in the Daily Express.

5 thoughts on “Yemen Beware! Gordon Brown has plans to save you

  1. Jason Bontrager

    Difficult to read. Someone got sloppy with the “replace” function. Last I checked, it was simply “Yemen”, not “the Yemen”.

  2. mike

    On that matter of pointless aid to Africa (and elsewhere), I’d recommend Dambisa Moyo’s book “Dead Aid” – a real eye-opener.

  3. Steve

    Yes, that grated a little on me, too. Although I noticed that the Yemeni President called it “the Yemen” in his quote, so maybe that’s the correct title.

  4. Steve

    I’ve been wanting to read that book. I watched an interview with her on the Charlie Rose show (in the U.S.), and her views clearly irked and confused Mr. Rose, so I liked her immediately.

  5. Gustav

    This part felt very Mark Steyn-y:

    The answer, according to Mr Brown, is therefore more aid to the Yemen: more community centres, perhaps, or ping-pong tables, à la Moss Side in Manchester or Toxteth in Liverpool. Give those Al Qaeda chappies a social security system and something to do when they are unemployed and they will stop sending the sons of rich Nigerian bankers to blow up planes over Detroit.


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