2 thoughts on “Nine promises that say it all about our Soviet-style NHS

  1. kay Newnham

    Tomorrow (Tuesday the Jan) NNS Surrey will close 14 beds in the oldest community hospital in the country – Cranleigh Village Hospital. This will trigger the closure of every c.h.bed in Surrey. NSS’s chairman resigned last Friday and campaigners are callng for the Chief Execs resignation. It has spent fortunes on consultations over 11 years, has prouced a whitewash report to show “beds are no longer needed in Surrey.” Protestors will be outside Holiday Inn in Guildford but the public voice will be ignored. While the cats get fatter patients suffer.

  2. Elberry

    Having worked as a beastly secretary in a Manchester hospital for 2 years, i can attest to this. When i began at the job 3 years ago, my decade-old PC would take about an hour to come to life every morning (virus checks etc.). We were told we couldn’t afford new PCs so i would get in, turn it on, then read or memorise Italian vocab at my desk for an hour before MS Word became feasible.

    Meanwhile the hospital was lavishly decorated with bad art celebrating “the Trust”; also there was the glossy, full-colour magazine every month; i had about half a dozen overlapping managers, whose sole purpose seemed to be to hold meetings about Government targets, to discuss past meetings, and to plan further meetings; and so on. We were constantly told there was no money for miserable things such as PCs or staff – of course there wasn’t.


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