Pryce-Jones on The New Vichy Syndrome

The eminent David Pryce-Jones has a brief review of Dalrymple’s next book “The New Vichy Syndrome” on his blog at National Review Online, saying at one point:

There’s no one quite like him. He’s been a doctor and worked in prisons, really coming to grips with the lower depths. Although he reports terrible things, and sometimes has a little gleam of I-told-you-so when reporting something even more terrible than what’s gone before, he refuses to abandon his humane instincts and a belief that it’s worth fighting for civilization even if the cause looks lost.

Pryce-Jones has written about Dalrymple before, stating in a 2006 review of “Our Culture, What’s Left Of It” that “I have no hesitation mentioning [Dalrymple and Orwell] in the same breath.” I’ve always thought it interesting – heartening, I suppose – to hear this praise from a 70-something, Eton-educated member of British aristocracy, directed at the son of immigrants of humble circumstances.

20 thoughts on “Pryce-Jones on The New Vichy Syndrome

  1. John O'Neil

    I was able to buy a copy of “The New Vichy Syndrome” today, surprisingly, at my local Borders. It’s very good, especially the early section concerning Haine de la Hollande. The book confronts many serious topics, but happily Mr. Dalrymple hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

  2. soin

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  3. Rod Glass

    This man is a genius and his views accurately represent the despair and hopelessness that is real in our society. Has this changed from one generation to another? Dalrymple will correctly have us believe not! Our environment is mostly toxic and we are heading towards a world that cannot sustain much more fear, grief or loss. We have been seduced and our faith is in the form of currency, and are significantly reliant on the chosen few who hold power.

  4. Stan Bloodworth

    Pryce-Jones, is a man to be admired and respected. His views are to be considered important and whats more he, in my view is correct in his assessment. Great work Skeptical Doctor!

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