The Ayn Rand follies

This month’s New Criterion carries a lengthy article on the anger generated by Dalrymple’s critique of Ayn Rand in last month’s edition:

As of this writing it has attracted 242 responses—and what responses they are! There are a handful of dispassionate comments, admiring or critical as the case may be, but the vast majority are wildly, hysterically vituperative.

There follows a list of reader comments proving the accuracy of this statement, and a discussion of Rand’s Objectivist philosophy:

No doubt much of what we do, we do from motives of self-interest. But we might also do things for the sake of flag and country; for the love of a good woman; for the love of God; to discover a new country; to benefit a friend; to harm an enemy; to make a fortune; to spend a fortune.

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