Silence of the Feminists

In City Journal, Dalrymple writes again of a young Muslim woman treated almost as a slave by her family and notes the apathy of feminists:

The British courts recently asked me to prepare a report on a young Muslim woman of Pakistani descent, and to do so I had to visit her at home. I spoke to her in a room in which a television screen as large as a cinema vied for predominance with embroidered pictures of Mecca and framed quotations from the Koran.

She told me a story with which I was only too familiar. One of eight brothers and sisters, she soon discovered that, while her brothers could do anything they pleased, including crime, she and her sisters were expected to lead spotless lives of infinite tedium and absolutely no choice. At 16, without her consent, she was betrothed to be married to a first cousin in Pakistan, whom she had never met and did not wish to meet…

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One thought on “Silence of the Feminists

  1. Benjamin

    “But where are our feminists … when women such as this suffer such severe oppression? Hardly a peep is heard from them.”
    They are, I have concluded after working for years as an expert witness in the Dutch courts where I have seen quite a lot of this kind of thing, not working for the liberation of women, but for the oppression of men.


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