The Abolition of the Labor Market

In their relations with their clients, are prostitutes victims or conquerors? Writing about his recent participation in a debate on this subject, Dalrymple objects to the premise of the question:

This seemed to me to be about as fair a question as whether a man has stopped beating his wife yet, yes or no? It was an example of a very reduced view of human relations, even between prostitutes and their clients. Power enters many human relations and is important, of course, but the search for power is not an exhaustive description of human relations, pace Alfred Adler, and most of them take place outside the proposed victim-conqueror dialectic. A lot of relations between prostitute and client are surely furtive rather than manifestations of power on either side, and even a dominatrix is not her client’s conqueror. She is providing a rather peculiar service for him, that’s all.

Dalrymple at the Library of Law and Liberty

2 thoughts on “The Abolition of the Labor Market

  1. Brian

    Hi Steve – Would it be possible to keep us updated on Dr. Daniels’ appearance schedule? Not sure how often you have this info in advance, but he doesn’t seem to publicize his appearances anywhere else which makes it tough to attend events he participates in.



  2. Steve Post author

    Hi Brian. We almost always post that info when we have it in advance, but he rarely notifies us, so it is difficult to stay on top of it. There are a couple of annual festivals he has been attending for years: the “How the Light Gets In” festival in Hay-on-Wye (as referenced above) and the Property and Freedom Society’s annual meeting in Turkey (I’m not sure if that one is open to the public, but it is scheduled for this September). Other than those, we usually don’t hear in advance but will post here if we do.


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