The Mass Surrender of Individuality in Rock Music and Fascism

Theodore Dalrymple remarks on the fawning and ludicrous coverage of the fifth anniversary of the death of David Bowie by the farcical, liberal British media.

Once I wrote an article for a French cultural review in which I said that a rock concert appeared to me like a fascist rally of libertinism. The conformism with overtones of revolution, or at least of overturning established norms of behavior, seemed to me rather similar.

One thought on “The Mass Surrender of Individuality in Rock Music and Fascism

  1. Peter

    I couldn’t agree with an article more if I had written it myself.
    Like many, I used to be enthralled with much of “classic rock” upon its release; but have since grown to see (and hear) the vast majority of what used to be a main source of entertainment as a shallow, self-indulgent celebration of the lower aspirations of human nature.
    Rock music largely reflects and deifies what has destroyed much of the good that came from Judeo-Christian values.
    It’s a great irony that the freedom granted by what was once a Christian, democratic society has been used to tear down that society and usurp the freedom it granted.


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