New set of short stories: Saving the Planet and Other Stories

Dalrymple has written a new set of short stories called Saving the Planet and Other Stories, and it is available at all Amazon sites. The book includes eight stories that reflect various aspects of contemporary society and culture, including frustration with modern officialdom but also both the tragedy and delight of everyday interpersonal conflict — all in quintessential Dalrymple style. It is his fourth collection of short stories.

You can buy it here in the US or here in the UK, or from whatever Amazon site you use.

3 thoughts on “New set of short stories: Saving the Planet and Other Stories

  1. Tim

    New Dalrymple from Mirabeau on Amazon: Midnight Maxims. I open my copy and read “Who is so lacking in compassion that he feels no pity for himself?” and burst out laughing.

  2. David Seri

    Hi, Tim. We will get that book added to the website shortly, thanks. I also enjoyed the following: “Resentment and self-righteousness: the two emotions that can last a lifetime and never disappoint.” Cheers.


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